Strategic Web Design and Strategic SEO

If you are serious about Web Site Development you probably use a strategic approach like this.

Strategic Web Design

Strategic Web Design

1. Idéa. Initial meetings. We all go in Creative Mode where nothing is impossible. And the purpose of the site gets clear.

2. Market Research. Is it a great idea? How much income do we expect from the website? Who and where are the competitions, similar products, supporting products? What are the website users primary and secondary needs? Market Research is the very foundation for creating a strategic website and the strategic SEO that is needed.

3. Design. Drawings, models, communication, demos, reviews. Images and copy are created.

4. Programming. Cms is chosen from design demands, strategic goals and maintenance. The technical part of SEO is implemented.

5. Site Test for a limited amount of visitors and adjustments are made.

6. Launch.  Some times with trumpets and cannons- sometimes with waving flags and honors.

7. Marketing and Strategic SEO are processes that runs through the lifetime of the web site. Do you want a website noone knows about?

There are two things many developers tend to treat lightly.

The first is Market Research and without this it is impossible to create a strategic design and do strategic SEO, and without Market Research you don’t know if the site is profitable.

The second is Marketing. It is simply not enough to post a website. Absolutely noon will find the website without Marketing. Google will find it but that alone will not help you!